Conduct Your IT Cost Optimization Discipline in Six Phases

Gartner recommends that IT leaders follow six major phases in their execution of IT cost optimization. These phases may vary, depending on your organization and the extent of your involvement in IT cost optimization:

Strategize and Plan: Develop the business case, change plan, tactical plan and communications plan for an IT cost optimization initiative. Determine the scope, budget and governance, and acquire resources. Integrate the discipline with strategic IT and business plans.

Assess Current State: Assess the enterprise’s history and approach to IT cost optimization. Identify risks and best opportunities across IT domains and the enterprise for cost optimization. Conduct a benchmark analysis, and identify best practices and methodologies.

Assess Competencies: Exploit best practices for IT cost optimization. Identify and assess competencies that are necessary to carry out the initiative.

Gain Approval: Build a business case for specific IT cost optimization initiatives, articulating how IT cost optimization helps the enterprise overall. Seek feedback and buy-in from stakeholders.
Implement: Execute specific IT cost optimization initiatives. Evaluate the use of internal and external resources. Set individual, team, project and program goals.

Operate and Evolve: Monitor and track IT cost optimization initiatives against expected results. Adjust your approach based on operational results and changing business needs. Create a dashboard and scorecard of IT cost optimization performance goals.

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